• Welcome to Review Retrievers

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  • Welcome to Review Retrievers

    let us improve your online reputation

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  • Welcome to Review Retrievers

    let us improve your online reputation

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Review Retrievers

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Want more positive online reviews for your business? Need help getting your site found online?

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Are your online listings missing the reviews and feedback they need to stand out?

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We are Review Retrievers

What We Do

Review Retrievers is an online reputation management service that achieves higher online consumer ratings for businesses. We will work with you to accumulate reviews and recommendations to increase your business bottom line. Today’s consumer relies on the Internet and online reviews to determine who they will do business with. Review Retrievers will implement a customized customer service plan for your business, and work with your satisfied clients to insure positive reviews are written about your business.

As a business owner, your reputation is your most valuable asset. You work hard to build it up with your customers and your community, and you wouldn't likely think of trusting it to just anybody. With the increasing popularity of online reviews, Main Street business owners are finding that their hard-earned reputation is now at risk. This is due to unfounded negative reviews being posted about their Business by anonymous Internet users. As a business owner, how are you supposed to ensure that your great reputation isn't undone by a few thoughtless comments posted online?

At Review Retrievers, we have the solution!

In order to make sure that your business is being represented in the most positive, accurate way possible, our unique technology upholds your positive online reputation, complete satisfaction by alerting you to your clients’ needs, driving positive reviews from happy clients and ultimately protecting your good reputation.

In addition to helping you utilize your customers' positive feedback, we will be your watchdog. We regularly monitor your online listings, and in the rare event that we find a negative review during this process, we'll take immediate action to minimize the damage to your reputation.

With Review Retrievers you can be sure that wherever anyone finds you online, your positive reputation will precede you

When was the last time you “googled” or searched your business name online? Do you know what online reviews have been written about your business? At Review Retrievers, we understand that your business reputation is one of the most important facets of your organization, and something you have worked hard to establish. Online reviews have become increasingly popular for consumers when choosing where to spend their money. Negative online reviews can often come from a disgruntled former employee, or even an unscrupulous competitor. Review Retrievers utilizes unique technology to create and uphold a positive online reputation, as well as alert you to your clients’ needs. Don’t leave your online reputation to chance. Call the professionals at Review Retrievers and protect your online reputation, as well as your bottom line.

Online Review Statistics
90% of people will use online review to decide whether or not to do business with you
75% of people trust online reviews
Only 12% of people do not read online reviews

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